Health, Safety, and Environment

It takes commitment and vigilance to maintain a strong safety record. At RBS, we've developed a safety conscious culture. This culture attracts employees of integrity and allows for continued improvement of safe driving habits. With industry leading safety training, safety tips, active supervision, safety audits, and transparent communications, we have ingrained safety into our culture and are seeing real results. Eligible drivers can even receive a monetary safety bonus annually by demonstrating the required safety behaviors.

In this industry we believe that you have to start and end with SAFETY. It is our commitment to our drivers, our customers, our communities, and the environment.

Health and Safety Policy
Safety in everything we do.

Work Safe.

Every aspect of our business has safety as the pinnacle. From ensuring we hire only the best, to providing industry leading training.

Home Safe.

Family is important at RBS in an industry that is very demanding of our time and attention it is our goal that everyone will get back to those who are most important.

Live Safe.

Our Safety Culture is paramount in all that we do at RBS so that our employees can work safe, get home safe and live safe.

Driver Monitoring
Done Different

At RBS we have implemented a 3rd party monitoring and assessment system to assess and monitor all our drivers. The systems is a risk assessment program designed to test commercial drivers. It goes beyond a traditional driver's abstract or physical exam. It provides comprehensive insight into the questions of fitness-for-duty and ensures drivers have the critical skills needed for safe driving. The program consists of two components; Vitals and CORE. The Vitals cognitive assessment is an in-office screen and one of the only tools shown to be highly predictive of actual on-road performance. The Commercial On-Road Evaluation (CORE) is an advanced driver road test that identifies critical errors and trainable bad habits.

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