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RBS Bulk Systems Inc. is backed by a professional team of Logistics Specialists that operate around the clock to ensure that your needs are met. Our drivers are among the best in the industry. They work in some of the most challenging conditions, hauling a wide variety of bulk products so Canada's oil and gas, mining, chemical, and building industries can get their product to the people that need it.

LPG / BUTANE Hauling

We operate a Fleet of High Pressured Unit both Super-B and Tri-Axle with capabilities of hauling LPG's, Propane, Mix, and Butane.

Oil Hauling

We operate a fleet of super-b and tri-axle units around the clock to provide oil hauling services our clients need to keep their operations running smoothly. Our drivers complete rigorous training with safety at top of mind.

Chemical Hauling

We provide specialty services in chemical hauling for our clients in the mining, forestry, and industrial manufacturing services across Western Canada.

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