Indigenous Relations Policy

RBS Bulk Systems Inc. acknowledges that in Western Canada our customers conduct many operations on the Treaty, Settlement, Traditional and unceded territories and lands of Indigenous peoples. Indigenous communities are important partners to the Transportation Industry in Canada. We respect the diverse histories, languages, cultures and perspectives of such Indigenous peoples and recognize that their presence enriches our vibrant communities.

Indigenous Business Opportunities and Relationships

RBS Bulk Systems Inc. is committed to continue to develop and maintain strong and ethical Indigenous business partnerships within communities across Western Canada. We are committed to working respectfully with Indigenous peoples and communities who have an interest in our business. At RBS Bulk Systems Inc., we're always looking for ways to build stronger connections with communities, and meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples and businesses, as well as commitment to the prosperity of Indigenous communities, essential to our business objectives and our promise to design with community in mind.


RBS Bulk Systems Inc. will respect the legal rights of Canada's Indigenous communities, along with their cultural traditions, economies, beliefs, knowledge and uses of lands and resources. This respect will shape the way we operate and conduct our business, as well as the way we interact with Indigenous peoples, communities, tribal councils and organizations.

Open Communication - RBS Bulk Systems Inc. is committed to engaging openly and transparently with Indigenous communities and peoples regarding activity impacts and community benefits.

Mutual Respect - RBS Bulk Systems Inc. will respect the land, environment and traditional ways of life of Indigenous communities and recognize the importance of their culture and connection to the earth, for this reason it is imperative for us to work together to ensure we mitigate against impacts to traditional land use areas; preserving environmentally significant lands.

Fairness - Through open and honest engagement we commit to building beneficial relationships which includes fair access to employment, training and business opportunities to enable them to maintain and strengthen their institutions, cultures and traditions, and promote their social, cultural, economic and educational well-being.

RBS Bulk Systems Inc. believes that through open and ongoing dialogue and engagement mutually-beneficial commercial opportunities may be developed.

Equity, Diversity, and Participation

RBS Bulk System Inc. is committed to the principle of employment equity and we recruit employees based on their qualifications, skills, and experience. This policy reflects Canada's Human Rights Legislation, which does not discriminate either against or in favor of candidates on the basis of ethnic, religious or racial origin. RBS Bulk System Inc will also fully support and encourage the hiring of people from local Indigenous communities where our work, or our clients work is being carried out. We are committed to developing strong working relationships with local Indigenous communities and to hiring their qualified, employable members wherever possible.

Education and Employment

RBS Bulk System Inc. will strive to cooperate with all of the Indigenous communities and environments to seek out any employment or sub-contracting opportunities within RBS Bulk Systems Inc. RBS Bulk System Inc, is committed to develop strategies that mutually support and benefit both RBS Bulk Systems Inc. and the Indigenous communities in which we operate and the industries that we serve. Through our operations in Western Canada, we: support learning opportunities for Indigenous peoples to be a source of well-trained team members for our operations, as well as the communities within which they reside. support strategies and programs that build capacity in Indigenous communities and enhance the ability of Indigenous communities to benefit from these opportunities. will provide appropriate cross-cultural training programs focused on removing barriers for Indigenous people entering and succeeding for the long term in the workplace at such operations.

Community Investment

In support of sustainable and vibrant Indigenous communities, RBS Bulk Systems Inc. will review and where possible, support projects, programs, and events with a focus on those initiatives that enhance awareness, engagement, business development, environmental stewardship, education and training. RBS Bulk System Inc. is committed to collaborate with communities building a lasting legacy upon our shared values of trust and mutual respect. It's important that our approach to Indigenous Relations; whether recruiting Indigenous candidates, supporting their career growth, or working alongside Indigenous communities and businesses; considers the histories, cultures, and values of Indigenous Peoples. Successful Indigenous Partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, common goals, opportunities for employment, and an understanding of the local community.


RBS Bulk Systems Inc. will work with our customers and contractors to share our principles, commitments and goals by encouraging them to meet or exceed them through policies and practices of their own.