Our Fleet

Having a first-class fleet of dependable vehicles means having a team of people with the know-how to keep them running their best. The mechanics at RBS work in-house to provide on-site repairs and maintenance, so our drivers can get back on the road faster.

Fleet Maintenance

It all begins with an industry leading preventative maintenance program. At RBS our Preventative maintenance program has been developed to provide end-to-end maintenance and inspection. The focus is on keeping our equipment running and ensuring the safety of everyone on the road with us.

Safety Technologies

Each RBS vehicle is equipped with a monitoring system that relays vital information to the driver and our safety team about how the driver is performing. This state-of-the-art monitoring system is directly linked with the vehicle's onboard computer and gathers vast amounts of data. From speed alerts, to harsh breaking, to defensive movements, the systems provide a detailed overview of the performance of each of our drivers. Gathering and analyzing the data allows us to identify areas where drivers need further training, support, or guidance.

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